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choice list generator

Every year, total marks of Jee advanced changes (last year it was of 372).
Cinque Terre Now use these tables to guess your rank. IIT me ja rhe ho kuch to dimag lagao. source- Quora

Leave it blank. Fill other details. It will work.

To get your location.

Get details of each IIT, NIT, IIIT and GFTIs

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You will see a map on which according to section, colleges are plotted on map.
Example- in IIT section you will find all IITs on map. Cinque Terre
Now click on any college on map, you will get information about it.
Here you will get photos of colleges, link of original website, address and idea where it is in India.
These 2 are IIT Kanpur pictures.
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
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On this page you will get more details about branch sliding, doubts related to colleges and branches.