Nearest College
To get your location..
Then don't select any institute.
Still I would suggest you to use this feature, just choose the region where you want to join college.
Branch Sliding after joining college
People are having difficulty in understanding it so this feature is not available now. But read it.....
Many college allow branch sliding after first year or first semester.
After first year if you are in:
Top 5% - then most probably you can slide in any branch.
Top 5-10%- then you can slide in any branch other than CS and IT(Probably may be).
Top 10-15%- then you can slide in any branch other than CS,IT,Mechanical,Electrical.
Top 15-20%- then you can slide in any branch other than CS,IT,Mechanical,Electrical,ECE.
And so on.
So what is important here?
Suppose you want Mechanical but your Mains rank is 11000 but you know you could be in top 15% and you live in UP.
Then join MNNIT, with any branch like PI,Chemical and after first year if you are able to score more than 8 CGPA then you can easily join Mechanical in MNNIT.
This is all about taking calculated risk.
I found that almost all college support branch sliding even IIT Bombay.
Again, This is all about taking calculated risk.
Believe me If you are serious about studies then, you can easily score pointers needed for sliding.
Sliding in CS and IT is tough.
General questions
I don't need money, I need more than that.
What do I want?
It is too difficult to know what choices you should fill if you don't know any senior worthy enough to help.
All college predictor available over Internet like or Resonance predict only on basis of last year results, and even they do not help you in filling-in of choices.
I want to help you.
There is a lot of variation when it comes to PwD quota.
This is becuase lesser no. of seats and it may close much earlier or later compare to previos years.
I am currently working on this and if website gets good response I will add this functionality soon.
Stay tuned.
Closing rank - From JoSAA
Distance - From Google MAP
I have used previous 3-4 year pattern (not just only closing rank ).
and also written a trade off function between various factors way more than you are seeing on screen.(Just to make it easy for you.)
This code is kept private but would be available soon on Github.
Just to keep information compact.
If you want to ask any other question ask on facebook page, but do not ask silly questions.
Yes, why not. Just write a mail to me
Whether you want to write in help section or want to suggest me to make some changes in website or want me to add extra features on this website. You are most welcome.
Your answers will be written with your name and a link to your profile.
Some branch related doubts.
ECE is actually core branch but more than half of IT companies allow ECE students for placements.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE) branch deals with Electrical technology and machines, circuit analysis, electromagnetism, electrical engineering materials, instrumentation, control systems, power engineering and transmission and distribution.
Whereas ECE mainly deals with analog transmission, basic electronics, solid state devices, microprocessors, digital and analog communication, analog integrated circuits, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It also deals with the manufacturing of electronic devices, circuits, and communications equipment.
In India, there is no difference in terms of placement. CS is older branch, so people prefer it.
If it is related to college one can tell which one is better.
But when it comes to branch no one can tell you neither I.
Majority will rank according to placements.
Go after your interest.
Some misconceptions.
Maximum package of 2015 - 8.5 lpa
Maximum package of 2014 - 8.3 lpa
So can't say of Mining but Petroleum is Good.
This is not like, the way you are thinking.
What will happen of a batch if there is no senior to guide you, no environment available, no support?
So new colleges are started in earlier established college so that it may obtain necessary support, environment and guidance. Meantime infrastructure is created.
Here are few colleges which run on temporary campuses.
IIIT Sonepat ---- NIT Kurukshetra
IIIT Ranchi ---- NIT Jamshedpur
IIIT Lucknow ---- IIIT Allahabad
IIIT Una,HP ---- NIT Hamirpur
IIIT Kota ---- MNIT Jaipur

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